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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1) Q. I got a claim number from insurance company. Is that all I need to bring car in?

A. If the vehicle is not safe to keep driving, then yes, we advise you to leave the car. After leaving the vehicle, you should notify the insurance and get a claim number and rental reservation number. Let them know it has been left at our facility so they can assign an appraiser to come inspect it.

2) Q. I don't have time to get an initial insurance estimate, can I just drop my car off?

A. This is up to you. We don't recommend anyone keep driving the vehicle if they feel it is compromised in any way. Just keep in mind that since the onset of COVID, initial inspections are taking longer to be seen by field appraisers. Getting a preliminary estimate sometimes alleviates wait times to get car re-inspected.

3) Q. I have an initial estimate from the insurance company. What else do I need?

A. This is a good starting point. Most initial estimates are just a basic estimate of repair procedures. Once you have an initial estimate, you can contact us to drop off. Once vehicle is dropped off with estimate, we will have to contact the insurance to come back and re-inspect your vehicle when taken apart. All damages will have to be further assessed in what is a called a Supplement Inspection.

4) Q. Can you call in claim for me and set up rental?

A. Unfortunately, no. We understand some customers have never had to file an auto claim before but to set up claim and reserve rental, customers must contact insurance directly. Insurance company will provide you with a claim number and rental reservation number. Keep in mind, you will also have to confirm you have rental coverage on your policy. Once you have claim number and rental reservation number, you can contact us to drop off vehicle.

5) Q. My car isn't drivable, what should I do?

A. Contact your insurance and file the claim. Be sure to let them know car isn't drivable/not safe to drive. Check if insurance company can have your car towed to our shop. If not, we will contact our towing company and have car towed to us.

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